Mr. Xu Jiegen, founder of Hengfu, was invited to

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In September, Mr. Xu Jiegen, founder and chief innovation officer of Hengfu, was invited to work with Shi, The launch of the Artist's Personal Website in Yachang has opened a new chapter in Mr. Xu Jiegen's Tea and Implement Art Road.

Established in 2000, Yachang Art Network is one of the earliest online art platforms in China. It is also a well-known Chinese art portal and the largest comprehensive art service platform in China. Yachang Art Network Is Located in Internet IT Technology to Provide Professional Platform Service for Art Industry, Including information platform services, data platform services, trading platform services, service users include artists, art artists, designers, auction houses, galleries, antique shops, craft shops, art buyers and art lovers. Yachang Art Network has more than 2 million professional members, 8 million daily average traffic volume, peaking at 15 million. Alexa ranked in the top 300 in Chinese, holding the top spot in global art.  

Congratulation to Mr. Xu Jiegen, Founder of Hengfu Co., Ltd. in Yachang

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xujiegen summary


Sex: male

Date of birth: 1973

Place of origin: Anhui Province

Present address: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Good at: Ceramic technology

Graduation College: Xiamen University

Office: Guangzhou Hengfu Tea Culture Co., Ltd

Arts and Crafts Division, founded in 1998, Heng Fu, currently Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer of Guangzhou Heng Fu Tea Culture Co., Ltd.; Honorary Curator of Guangzhou Hengfu Tea Culture Museum; Vice Director of the Tea Association of China Tea Circulation Association; Vice President, Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce, China.

Since the childhood and tea, the tea culture has a deep feeling of love. He is good at the amalgamation and innovation of tea pottery culture and has established the Tea Pottery Culture Design Creative Research Institute, which mainly studies the innovative design of tea set, and has more than 70 patents for invention, utility model and appearance. We have been studying the inheritance and innovation of five famous kilns in China (Ru Kiln, Guan Kiln, Ge Kiln, Jun Kiln and Ding Kiln), and have successfully launched Ru Kiln and Ding Kiln. Established the host brand in 2008, based on the core concept of "Ke Xing Tea" and the creative design of "Appreciation, Taste and Play", and based on the aesthetic thoughts of the traditional Ru Kiln in the Northern Song Dynasty, Breaking through the difficulties of technology, he created a series of Ru kiln works, inherited and innovated the Ru kiln technology of the five famous kilns, and led the Chinese tea industry into the "post-Ru kiln" era. He has obtained two patents in the research and manufacture of Ru kiln materials. Most works become collectibles and circulate in the market. Won national awards many times.

In 2015, the leading "Host Ruyao" project was included in the 2015 Key National Cultural Industries with Special Characteristics.


In 2008, Approaching Ru Kiln, edited by Xu Jiegen, published and distributed by China Federation of Arts and Literature Press.

China Tea Set Design 1, 2010, Planning: Xu Jiegen, People's Fine Arts Publishing House.

Xu Jiegen and Wang Jianrong, former Director of China Tea Museum, published and distributed by Zhejiang Photography Publishing House, 2010, Chinese Green Tea Kung Fu, editor-in-chief.

Xu Jiegen and Guo Danying (Deputy Director of Exhibition Materials Department, China Tea Museum), published and distributed by China Academy of Fine Arts Press, 2011, in Ding Kiln Feng Hua, editor-in-chief.

2012 "Tea Set", edited by Xu Jiegen, published by Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House.

2013 "Between the Tea Paintings", edited by Zhu Wanzhang (Researcher, National Museum of China), produced by Xu Jiegen, published by Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House.

China Tea Set Design 3, 2014, edited by Xu Jiegen, Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House.

Host Ru Kiln, 2015. By Xu Jiegen, Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House.


Author: Xu Jiegen, published in Guangdong Arts and Crafts, published in 2015, "Host Ru Kilns Create Another Splendid Future of Ru Kiln".

In 2015, he published a paper, On the Innovation of Public (Commercial) Tea Service, by Xu Jiegen, published in Guangdong Arts and Crafts.

appreciation of works

Host Auspicious Tea (Big)

Host Golden Pheasant Sent Fu Teapot Group (Tian Qing)

Host Fogan Teapot Group (azur)

Host's Bamboo Cup (Ru Guan Kiln) (Azure)

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